Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Thinking back over my time in Cambodia had recently prompted a memory that i can only imagine I had suppressed for good reason.
I chose to illustrate this text with an image taken that very night, of the Khmer New Year.
For me this photograph is the marking, the pinnacle, of which i got to know my brothers partner whom had, for her whole life, lived in Cambodia.

Having always grown up in a rural area of Cambodia, it was inevitable that the story she told me, of a half-human half-demon, was to be believed greatly by her, as her mother swears by an encounter of this creature.
Having a general fear of anything paranormal, i felt myself becoming increasingly uncomfortable as i was gaining more information about this 'being'. With this feeling not being helped by knowing i was practically in the jungle , the middle of nowhere with a culture I hadn't quite grasped yet, I could foresee my imagination starting to run wild.

So that's what leads to the relevance of this image. It was taken at a time when we were just finishing setting up the table of gifts for Buddha, a few minutes before my encounter with this story.

Interesting to find that just a single image can be effect our pattern of thinking. But I suppose this could be considered and applied to many aspects of everyday life.

This is some interesting reading of the subject mentioned:

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