Monday, 5 April 2010


Creating a form of disorientation for the subjects was acheived by blindfolding, and leading them down into a basement. I asked them to feel their way around, paying close attention to how they would respond to the forms on the walls.

To my surprise people did not show reluctance to touching and getting a sense of their surroundings (I thought there would be much hesitation).
What was most interesting, was that after a few minutes had past, and I had allowed them to take off their blind folds, some were in a position of feeling moderate disorientation, as they envisioned the space they were exploring to be vastly different.

Spatial aspects can be considered here, possibly look in to Gaston Bachelard's, The Poetics of Space.
From this process I have found that working with a space in which to contain things may be a constructive way in which to work. Also creating some form of experience for my subjects, is something which interests me greatly.

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