Monday, 5 April 2010

Carsten Holler

Lichtwand (2000)

"Several thousand lightbulbs flash incessantly at 7.8 hz - a frequency that is synchronous to that of brain activity and thereby capable of inducing visual hallucinations in the viewer. [...] It is a work designed to dislocate and disorient" (Bishop, 2005)

Former biologist Carsten Holler, uses his former scientifc education, to transfer in his art practice to create works which can affect his audeince on a deeper physical and a psychological level.
His works aim to induce affects, such as disorientation in Lichtwand, and feelings including 'love', within such as the pieces, Solandra Greenhouse, where we are invited into a room containing plants containing, 'pheromones capable of inducing amorous feelings' (

And Pea Love Room, a similar idea but with a stronger participatory intent, as the viewers are to get into the sex belts, and inject themselves with the chemical phenylethylamine (PEA) using the provided syringe.

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