Monday, 5 April 2010

Linking a scent to an event....

Remembering from experience, the power smells can have in bringing back, feelings amongst many other notions, from certain periods of time, I decided to experiment with this, to see just how powerful the sense of memory can be when presented with a familiar scent.
Applying the strong smelling scent to each persons skin each hour, for around 4 hours, and leaving the bottles scent to disperse around the warm room, made sure that the scent was present at all times.

Going back to this scent myself, I feel an overwhelming feeling of being transported in some way, back to significant parts of that night, such as the dim lighting, feeling very fatigued and also the types of food we were eating copious amounts of.

I planned to reunite my subjects also with the scent, at some point, to see what notions they experience when having this particular scent around them again.

If this is successful in rekindling aspects of that period of time, this may be a method I use within my piece.

Could it be that I could provide visitors to my piece of work with a sample of the scent emanated around them, to provide them with a way of once again engaging with the experience they were having within that time.

This could be highly subjective but lead to interesting results as a consequence of this.

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