Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone, MA Exhibition 'Show', 15th May 2010

Our exhibition at the Hazlitt gave us grounds for testing our ideas and practice so far with the work we have produced so far during the development stages of the course.

My aim for the exhibition was to perform an act of 'sillage' (the scent that follows a woman after she leaves the room). So I began to compose a perfume consisting of strong traditional floral scented heart and base notes to evoke and atmosphere of ladies visiting the theatre around the 1900's.

By constantly dousing my body and clothes with the scent and walking around the space, and people, i hoped that the scent would (even subconsciously) be noticed by visitors, and conversation regarding the scent would come about.

The bottled scents were placed on a plinth with instructions of usage, encouraging people to actively smell the scent at a later date and make their own decisions about where the scent transports them in their memories.

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