Friday, 28 May 2010

Machines of scent

Heres a few links to people actively working with scents through technology, to offer chances to disperse smells in conjunction with our environments.

Though I do enjoy working with perfume, as an idea of it being dispersed onto and emanateing from individuals skin, as well as this 'Sillage' effect perfumers describe as the trail of a scent from a human, it may be that i will have to use these means of technology to make the scent strong enough to be present within the room....

Problems that may occur:
  • Prices range from £100 - £350 not including scent cartridges
  • Though there are 1000's of scents to choose from none of these are my own scents i have been producing from essential oils (Attempt to collaborate with company to produce a customised scent? This will inevitably cost money I will not have)
  • Spectators will be unable to take this scent away with them (bottled), which is a main part of the nostalgic/epiphany process I am interested in bringing to my audience...

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