Sunday, 1 August 2010

Exhibiting Fragrance......

Co-founder of Lush Cosmetics, Mark Constantine and his son Simon Constantine conceptualised the form of fragrance by exhibiting their creations in Shoreditch Town Hall basement from the 12th to the 18th July 2010.

The exhibition consisted of a labyrinth, leading the viewer from one room, (and more importantly) fragrance to another.

Invigilators were contained within each space to explain concept, and the process of creation for each perfume.

'Orange Blossom' - Inspired by the Mediterranean breeze that carries the aroma Orange Blossom itself, the creation of this fragrance works to focus on the ingredient itself, using a carefully selected composition of other floral notes to emphasise this fragrance. Conceptually it is designed to be a motional scent, transporting wearers to a sense of traveling through and experiencing scents of orange groves.

The most important factor to take from this exhibition is the realisation of the such prominent role that the olfactory has in our lives. Being within such a confined space, unavoidably being intoxicated by the surrounding scents, entices, and sometimes, forces viewers to make begin making links to their visual surroundings, helped by the performance and stories delivered by each invigilator. In fact, the perfumes often had the effect of triggering and revealing memories for individuals (as scents often do), adding and expanding to the persons means of perceiving the odors at hand.
Simon's, The Smell of Freedom and Mark's Collection of The Three Ladies particularly exercise this method of creating fragrances by taking inspiration of scents and oils on located to their experiences, whether these be humans or locations.

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