Thursday, 25 November 2010

By confining myself so a stripped down studio environment, I wrapped myself in as much bandage as possible, followed by a layer of cling film to make sure there was sweat.

Whilst being bound, I listened to a piece of music that I deem, personally, to be emotional from a slightly melancholic angle.

This was filmed for me, and photograhic documentation was also taken. However, this video itself poses many problems.
The problematic subject of the documentation keeps occurring within my work. This piece for example runs the risk of being interpreted in ways not suitable for the subject I would like to communicate.
The female form, being bound and sexual issues can be associated with these kind of images, along with the documentation instantly being mediated by the music that i used for the performance.

It starts to become apparent that the documentation of my work can be problematic.
It may be that it is necessary for my work to be live performance.

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