Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lush Spa Kingston Perfume Event

A special event including three friends I had met through University, who happen to be incredibly good illustrators. (Oh and not forgetting animators :) )
Tying in with the concepts for the fragrances, we wanted to create a visual for the public to gaze at and turn our shop window into a mural.

Lushfest and Gorilla Perfumes trail.....

This mini 'trail' we set up at the festival for each perfume had to mimic the fragrance in some way or at least be inspired by the concept to evoke emotions, narrative and provide a new perspective for our UK and International managers to learn and love our fragrance range.

Teamed up with Tina, one of our UK Trainers, we wore floaty dresses and sat in the sun on hay bails surrounded by apples whilst displaying a copy of Cider with Rosie (partly a form of inspiration for our perfumer).We informed people about the use of the ingredients that allows the personality of this fragrance to shine through.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Smell of 2011....

What an incredible year 2011 had been for experiencing scents.
First I had become an area manager for Gorilla Perfumes, which involves constantly being immersed in the fragrances complex compositions, as we must experience them first hand of course!
Then there was the archaic (which is a bit of an understatement) experience of Dennis Severs house in Shoreditch. A house since the 18th century that has been kept as true as possible to the days it was occupied. Dennis Sever himself, has in fact set up an experience for the public who wish to immerse themselves, by constantly keeping the house in a state in which it would appear it is still inhabited, complete with that creepy presence. But most striking of all is the constant amalgamation of scents screaming and floating through the house. Downstairs you breathe in the smoky heat of the fire, and further upstairs exotic teas are still steaming in their elegant china cups, but most imposing and disturbing, is the constant smell of must and 18th century filth that lingers through the cold neglected parts of the house. It will cling to your nostrils, and like watching a thriller it will haunt you for hours, possibly days, afterwards.

My favourite person for portraits...

Benjamin Jackson is a good friend and an even better musician. In the past he has often asked to collaborate with me to produce visuals for his releases, and my personal favourite being this one that Ben designed himself through postproduction.

Listen to his music you wont regret it.