Thursday, 16 February 2012

Our film at Making Tracks

On 14th Jan 2012 fellow artist Helen Nias and I were honoured to have our film picked and screened at Richmix in Shoreditch as part of Whirlygig Cinema's, Making Tracks as part of the International Student Film Festival London 2012. These short film screenings provide an incredible platform for artists and filmmakers to showcase their work to an audience of like-minded people with the most exciting part (personally) being their collaboration with The Cabinet of Living Cinema. This group of musicians and artists work their talent and magic to produce live scores to the chosen films on stage. Eradicating this boundary between the audience and the soundtracks they would usually hear though speakers, they are able to bring every sound effect, guitarpiece and sound wave right in front of us, making it even easier to get swept up in the feelings they are evoking. It's wonderful stuff.

The film itself gave Helen and I a chance to collaborate on two of our main areas of interest when questioning the world and producing art.

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