Thursday, 16 February 2012

This Mink Coat Debate

So my Grandma left me a Mink Coat. It's from the 70's, and whereas I do not condone killing animals for their fur in the present, I feel like this was a long time ago and it would be a great shame and waste to destroy this coat.

It's warm and looks nice on me. But I can't wear it. I would be shouted at by my peers (possibly even the public) and yes, it's slightly uncomfortable walking around with dead skin wrapped around me to make me look good and feel warm.

It's worth hundreds of pounds. But I can't sell it. The presence of my grandma that this coat brings me is too great to give up.

So the question is. What do I do with it? It is wasted behind the doors of a wardrobe. Even with this awkward debate, it already has so much to give. This coat is one big debate and I intend to display this. Somewhere and somehow.

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